Sunday, March 2, 2014

On January 30, 2014 I married the man of my dreams, Doug Grant.  We meant about two and a half years ago in Stowe Vermont.  It was a beautiful sunny day and he invited me to go to his place of work, The Lake Mansfield Trout Club where he is a chef.

After driving down the long winding dirt road I came upon this rustic lodge and the lake surrounded by mountains.  If was the perfect first date.  When I finally meant Doug something clicked I meant really clicked.  His eyes, his smile I just knew he was the "one".

Two and a half years later I had total knee replacement surgery and was on bed rest for 8 weeks which meant reading and watching Tv.  I began watching the Steve Harvey Show and found him funny and also learned that my future mother-in-law also enjoyed watching him.

I became addicted to the show watching it everyday and eventually "liked" his facebook page.
While I was checking my FB page one day there was a request for couples who have found true love to tell there story.  So I did.  A week later I received a call from the Steve Harvey Show.  We were chosen to represent Vermont to be married on the show with 49 other couples.  Crazy right????

In the middle of the this excitement and shock Doug's Mom was very ill and in the hospital.
She wanted was to be married and knew how much we loved eachother.  We were torn about excepting this offer to go to Chicago and get married on TV.

I am a true believer that things in the universe happen for a reason.  This was all planned out.
Shirley wanted us married, she was in the process of dying and I felt this would ease her passing.
She liked the Steve Harvey Show and we wanted to be married.  So we did and we had the most beautiful fairy tale wedding with 49 other couples that all wanted what we wanted, to be married.

When we returned as Mr. and Mrs. Grant I know Shirley was happy.  I am so sad to say that she passed away about a month after our wedding.  I am so glad we were able to fulfill one of her wishes.
I am so blessed to have Doug in my life.

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