Thursday, July 8, 2010

new garden leaves

I love working with clay.  I always have but since having a student teacher this spring,who is a clay artist, I have been re inspired.  I always have preferred
hand building over the wheel so these are some of my newest creations.
I take leaves, ferns ,pods and roll them into the clay.  Then with clay tools which can be anything from shells to stones I make patterns in the leaves of clay.
Oh then the frosting, the glazes.  You see there is a bit of patience involved with this, no instant gratification here.  Making objects in clay has various steps.
First making the piece, then allowing it to dry, then the first kiln firing takes place.
After that the glaze is applied back in the kiln for 8+ hrs then.......BEAUTY and surprise or not.  That is the beauty of clay, the mystery.  
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